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Dental Reconstructive Surgery Is Necessary For Many Reasons

Do You Need Dental Reconstructive Surgery?

dental reconstructive surgeryThere are a variety of dental conditions and diseases that can arise causing people to have to undergo dental reconstructive surgery. This could be due to a birth defect or abnormality, tooth decay, accidents and other circumstances. If you’re wondering about these types of surgeries based on your own situation, then you’ve got quite a bit on your mind. You want to know if you’re covered, if it will hurt, how much it will cost, how the procedures are performed and if it can even be done in your case.

Answers to all of those questions are available. There are many cases where patients have needed major dental reconstructive surgery for one reason or another and a highly-qualified prosthodontist has provided the solution. Dental implants of different numbers are often required, and these are essential a two part device.

Often, when major surgery and dental reconstruction is required, the tasks are delegated out to different specialists, allowing a team to work together in order to provide patients with the best opportunities for getting their smiles back in order.

You often see young people wearing braces. Adults can wear braces as well. Braces are required many times for structuring the mouth, especially during growth periods to help align jaws and other parts of the mouth properly. Sometime patients are required to wear braces before and/or after surgery to better help bring out the ideal resolution.

Dental Reconstructive Surgery Candidates

Take a patient for instance who might have a life-long problem of grinding his teeth. Think about how many times he has done this over and over again. They say enamel cannot be restored, and certainly he may have hit a nerve or two in the process. Imagine the wear on his teeth and how they look now compared to before. A qualified prosthodontist can help restore the teeth, which not only will that make them look much better, but it will help the patient chew better too.

Porcelain crowns and caps are often used along with the dental implants. The implants are for structuring and anchoring new teeth and parts of existing teeth along with other dental fixtures. The crowns and caps are for protection and to enhance the visual appearance and aesthetics of your teeth.

People that wear dentures also are in need of these types of procedures. You see, false teeth don’t continuously fit the same way year after year after year. It’s a good idea to get them reconstructed and reshaped every so often and at least checked annually. Your gums and ridges are going to shrink over the years and change in shape. Therefore, this is necessary for a person to have properly fitting dentures.

A person might need spaces between teeth fixed. Perhaps another person wants whiter teeth but needs cosmetic work done to make that happen. All types of issues arise that can be fixed by dental reconstructive surgery. We can assess the problem and coordinate treatment using whatever methods and procedures necessary to get your mouth back on track.

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