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Denture Extracts and Their Benefits

What Are Denture Extracts

denture extracts and abutmentsDenture extracts are replacements available for patients who are not good candidates for dental implants or dental bridges. They are usually fitted into the gap that results in missing teeth due to accidents, extractions or whatever other reasons. Patients have the choice of opting for partial denture extracts or full dentures depending on the number of teeth extracted in their mouth. If a patient had to extract all teeth on the lower or upper jaw due to whatever reason, he or she will definitely have to opt for a full denture.

A full or complete denture extract is a flesh-colored acrylic base that fits into your gums and covers the palate completely. This type of denture is used when a person is missing the entire set of natural teeth in the lower (mandibular) and upper (maxillary) arch. These dentures are popularly referred to as standard dentures and classified into two categories such as “immediate” and “conventional.” The immediate denture could be worn straight away once the teeth are extracted while the conventional denture could be worn after one month of teeth extraction once the gum tissue begins to heal.

A partial denture is used to fill the gap created by a few missing teeth. These falls teeth are attached to a base that is similar to the color of your gum. This is usually made of acrylic plastic or metal. Partial dentures are categorized as fixed and removable dentures. A removable partial denture is also known as a dental bridge. It helps to fill the gap created by a few missing teeth in a person’s mouth. A patient is able to remove and reinstate such a denture at any time they need without professional assistance. A fixed partial denture is used to replace one or more missing teeth by way of attaching crowns to natural teeth. Sometimes, tooth roots or dental implant abutments are also used for purposes of support. Fixed partial dentures cannot be removed by the patient since they are permanently bonded to the tooth roots. They are more stable but are a little bit expensive than the removable partial denture. The fixed partial denture is quite durable and could last up to a decade if maintained properly.

Numerous Benefits of Denture Extracts

Once a tooth or several teeth are extracted, the gum is highly sensitive and would be prone to infections and swelling. This could be avoided by wearing an “immediate denture,” which helps to protect the volatile gum area. These dentures will help to reduce excess swelling and pain of the gums soon after tooth extraction. Dentures will restore the self esteem of a person since they are quite similar to natural teeth, and no one would be able to spot the difference. Missing teeth can cause jawbone deterioration and loss, which can result in various facial deformities. This could be avoided by wearing an appropriate denture extract.

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