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Denture Extracts and Denture Care

Denture Extracts Explained

denture extractsIt’s very important properly care for your mouth after a tooth extraction. This article has few tips on how to take care of yourself after denture extracts. And some advice on caring for your new dentures once they arrive.

It’s very important to fill the gap in your teeth right away. So you want to make sure that your dentist has a fixed dental bridge ready after denture extracts have been performed. In addition, a removable denture is also a good alternative, if you don’t want a permanent dental bridge.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a dental restoration that is permanently fixed to mouth area left vacant by denture extracts. However, most prosthetic dentures are traditionally removable. Modern advances in dentistry have made fixed and bonded dentures more readily available. You may want to spend some time talking to your dentist about any disadvantages or advantages regarding these two options.

Our smiles may be one of the most important parts of our appearance. Most of us take our teeth for granted, until a problem arises. Needing dentures may come as a surprise, but gum disease, accidents, decay, and injury will happen to our teeth eventually. You may be surprised to learn that dentures are not just for older people. In fact, many young people discover they may need to wear dentures as well. However, many of us are aren’t really sure how to properly take care of dentures. However, just knowing a few things can help make the entire process easier.

Permanent or Removable Dentures

Earlier in this article we discussed the two types of dentures that may suggested after denture extracts have occurred. Removable dentures are a prosthetic that will require a lengthy healing period before they can be fitted for your mouth. It usually takes anywhere between six weeks to two months for proper healing to take place. During this time your diet and appearance will be affected. Following all your dentists instructions can help insure a good final fit. A permanent dental bridge is installed immediately after the teeth have been extracted. Measurements are carefully taken by your dentist before the process begins. This also allows you to assume your normal activities much sooner. Keep in mind, additional fittings and adjustments will be required during the healing process.

What about Overdentures?

If your teeth are not too badly decayed you may be a good candidate for overdentures. Overdentures are partial devices that will allow you keep some natural teeth in place. It’s important to understand your remaining teeth must be strong enough to support the prosthetic. Your dentist may have to perform some additional build-up procedures to ensure the process works well. Overdentures are the easiest dentures to wear and perform daily activities with. Especially when it comes to chewing with the back teeth.

Do Dentures Hurt?

Denture extracts and denture fitting can be uncomfortable. You may want to talk to someone who has gone through the process, in order to know what to expect. The most common complaint is gum irritation, but this should go away as the gums heal and you become accustomed to wearing dentures. It’s also difficult for some people to speak properly when first wearing the appliances. Don’t worry too much, your speech will return to normal after some practice. Keeping dentures in your mouth can be bothersome, but you’ll get used to it over time. Pretty soon you’ll learn how to keep your dentures in your mouth without them popping out! Using a good bonding solution can help with this.

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