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Denture Extracts

Deterioration of teeth eventually leads to loss of smile, the ability to eat, and frequent toothaches with pain and temperature sensitivity to both hot and cold. Sweet and acidic foods cannot be tolerated. Sleep and rest are compromised. The patient suffers the loss of smile, appearance, self-confidence, and the basic necessities of eating and sleeping. The quality of life deteriorates, and the patient must obtain eventual care.

These multiple problems require either repair of the teeth or removal of the teeth. Teeth that are too badly deteriorated and decayed and damaged are sometimes beyond repair. At such times these bad teeth with advanced problem s are removed. Extraction of single, multiple, or all of the teeth can be accomplished with the patient asleep in a comfortable and safe environment. This allows the patient to put an immediate end to all problems. Pain is gone. Sleep is restored. Ability to eat and enjoy food is enhanced. A denture or partial denture can also be coordinated for immediate return of a beautiful smile!


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